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Romantic underwater proposal in Mauritius

Ocean Spirit was contacted by an experienced diver wanting to come on holiday to Mauritius with his girlfriend so that she could complete her PADI Open Water course and then be ready for his....

Secret Underwater Proposal.

The instructors eased her through all the exercises and luckily she was loving scuba diving and all the beautiful tropical fish life in Mauritius. The date and time of the proposal dive was planned in secret and the Ocean Spirit team swung into action arranging flowers, a proposal sign, sunken tank for bubbly effect and a secure box for the ring.

underwater scuba diving proposal mauritius

While distracting the couple at lovely Ti Corail (little corals), the rest of the team placed all the props. They floated hand in hand through a flower lined path in the sand towards a bubbling tank. He then brushed away some sand to reveal the sign with "Will you marry me" written on it. She was immediately wiping tears away off the outside of her mask and nodding. A little further away, partially covered in sand was a silver box which when opened revealed further flowers and ribbons onto which was attached a perfect solitaire engagement ring.

He placed the ring on her finger and they lived and dived together happily ever after.

underwater proposal romantic scuba diving mauritius

Contact us to arrange your own special romantic dive.

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