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In simple terms, Nitrox is the name applied to mixtures of oxygen and nitrogen where the oxygen content is greater than 21%. The most common mixtures used in recreational scuba diving are 28%, 30%, 32% and 36% oxygen, with the balance consisting of nitrogen.  Literally, Nitrox is a short abbreviation of Nitrogen Oxygen mix. Nitrox tanks are always labeled “EAN” meaning Enriched Air Nitrox or “NITROX” and bear green and yellow color for being recognized without difficulty. Pure Oxygen on the other hand is commonly labeled “O2 or OXYGEN” and bears the color black and white. Nitrox should be used  by Nitrox divers preferably and the good news is that diving gear need not be different for mixes bellow 40% O2. If using a mix greater than 40% O2 however, special equipments are required for safe handling of oxygen rich content. But again, most diving center provide 30%, 32% or 36% Nitrox, so no need to invest if you already have your gear!



Advantages of diving with Nitrox

  • Nitrox is safer diving as Nitrogen absorption is lesser, thus less decompression sickness risk

  • Provide longer non decompression time

  • Diving with Nitrox makes one feel much less tired if at all after 2 -4 dives, as Nitrogen de-saturation is less important

  • Diving on long term with Nitrox is healthier for everyday divers as it reduces efforts done by the body for de-saturation

  • It is easy to understand and use, requiring only 5 minutes of preparation

  • No Nitrogen Narcosis when diving deep


The Nitrox Course can be completed within 1 day. It includes some skill practice of annalysing and filling out the Nitrox log book before use, and 2 dives in the Open water for experiencing the difference between Air and Nitrox.


Nitrox Course



Nitrox diving Mauritius
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