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Equipment, gear and operations

Operation designed for your convenience

Our equipment is mainly Scuba Pro and Aqualung.


We provide 3mm and 5mm Wetsuits both in long and shorty.


Our steel tanks are available in 10,12,13.5 and 15lt volume, both available in DIN and YOKE.

Tanks are carried to and from the boat for customers.

We have wetsuits and BCD's suitable for children from 8 years old.  There is also a 7lt tank available for the little ones.


We use a 300lt / min COLTRI MCH18 Compressor that has punctual European standard servicing.

We also provide Nitrox for Nitrox qualified divers.


Chelonia Mydas our new scuba diving boat

Our boat - "Chelonia Mydas"

Our Boat "Chelonia Mydas" is a custom-built 33ft Legend scuba diving boat that was designed and built in Mauritius. It is fully sheltered from the sun and propelled by 2 x 150HP Mercury motors.

The name "Chelonia Mydas" is the Latin name for the Green Turtle. The Green Turtle is special to Mauritius and special to Ocean Spirit as it is the featured resident of Turtle rock, our Project AWARE Foundation Adopted Dive Site.

Dive sites are reached within 5 - 15 min boat.  All dive sites are reached by boat

Scuba Diving Mauritius boat
Custom built scuba diving boat

Diving ratios

Our dive groups consist generally of 4:1 diver to Instructor ratio and a maximum of 8:1 according to diver levels. The dive briefings are done at the dive shop prior to the dive with detailed dive plan and procedures.

Cold and hot beverages are always available for free.


  • The conditions on the Shark Safari can be rough sea, surge, strong currents, and divers are advised to disclose existing health conditions to the staff, and to make a test dive before diving with sharks. The shark briefing is made in accordance with prevailing conditions on site, and divers must follow instructions strictly.

  • A refund in the form of a credit to the client will be given if the diving centre cancels a dive, but if the client cancels for whatever reason no refund will apply. The Safari price applies whether the diver does both dives or only one.

Dive timings

The first time listed is the meeting time at the shop, the boat departs half an hour later.

Early morning dive 06h45 - 08h30

1st dive    08h30 - 11h00

​2nd dive  10h30  - 13h00

3rd dive   12h30  - 15h00

Night dive 17h30 - 20h00

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