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Diving Safari's

Our Safari excursion dives generally involve 2 dives on a half day basis. Included in the activity is snacks, drinks, two dives and the fare. The Safari dives are one of our best activities and dive spots, not only because of the unusual dive sites, but also for the atmosphere at the foot of these amazing Islands.


The Gunners Island Safari is about 15 minutes boat trip. It’s an Island of about 108 meters high and 1.5km circumference although not round at all. The Gunners Island Safari is a half day trip with 2 dives (8h30 – 13h30). The great thing about diving on Flat Island or Gunners Island is that the visibility is almost always very good. Also, there are less diving traffic, which promotes wellness of fauna and flora even more that on the dives we regularly visit near the Mauritian shores. There are 5 dive sites all around Gunners Island. The most planned is the Djabeda wreck which was sunk about 16 years ago, and the famous confetti bay for its amazing fauna and flora. Drinks and snacks are included  in the safari, within the boat as the Island does not allow boat access. However, a tour down the southern side of the Island with the boat is done at the end of the activity. Make sure to bring sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat, and take preliminary precautions from sea sickness as medications.

Ocean Spirit.jpg
Sting ray on the move
Humpbacks at Coin de Mire
Sea fan
Baracuda cleaned
Leopard murray, Murene leopard.JPG
Island Gunners
Djabeda photo by Jochen.jpg
rhinopias frondosa.JPG

The Round Island Safari is a trip to the Famous secret Shark point or Shark Pit. It is a half day trip with 2 dives (8h30 – 15h00). We depart from Pereybere at 9h00. The boat trip takes around 45-55 minutes. The first dive is done on the shark pit where 5 - 60 sharks can be seen. The site consists of a huge pit shaped like a arena and sharks can be observed swirling within the pit for the rich Oxygen available due to the crushing waves above the pit. The wave crushing against the wall is by itself a awesome view. The  second dive is done on terra Canyon which is a spectacular coral reef where jacks, sharks and rays can be seen. Make sure to bring sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat on this trip and take preliminary precautions from sea sickness as medications.


Shark photo with 360
Javaneese murray and fish.JPG
Manta Ray spoted near round Island
Abandoned shark pit Rock
Clown fish
Sole fish Macro
Javaneese morray eel
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