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Mauritius: The Way To The Future

When Corona 19 became a threat to Mauritius I watched with awe at the speed of reaction by the Government as the flights were cancelled, as residents returning from overseas were scanned and either allowed home or quarantined.

How gradually the scale of the Corona virus threat began to make itself evident in Mauritius. First one tourist. Then 2 boatmen who assisted him. Then their family members. Then a crewman from a cruise 119 people, all spin offs from these 2 random infections.

At each stage, the Mauritius Government responded intelligently, appropriately and immediately. First, all tourist activities were cancelled. Mauritius became the front runner in isolation containment.

Boats booked and full of divers were not allowed to dive. We worried about our turnover, our wages in the off season, our new centre just opened and more expensive to occupy.

But 7 days in we are thinking laterally. Everything will be different after this.

Tourism will take a most massive hit. Certainly the biggest since 2008, possible the biggest ever in the history of the island. Europe might take years to recover.

As Diving Centres what will we do about it?

Mauritius is the worlds largest Oceanographic State, yet most of its people can't swim.

The children think they live on an Island, they know little of the undersea world and its needs and its stunning beauty, but they have seen it on TV.

Mauritius, a superbly managed Oceanographic State might well become a leader in Marine Research, and the world will look to us for Oceanographic leadership. Water temperatures are below the coral bleaching temperature, already the biologists flock here to study coral, and the endangered Hawksbill turtle breeds here. Our wrecks are well spread and superb.

Our children deserve to understand their birthright.

With 65 diving centres Island wide, there is a unique opportunity to change their view of Mauritius, and encourage them to enjoy their Ocean, by teaching them to swim and to dive.

Learning to dive with Bernard and PADI Junior Open Water

Learning to dive with your family

Learning about the Ocean and conservation from our schools expert

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