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Riki who is the Ocean Spirit guru on all things Google has insisted that I write an Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving blog about diving in Mauritius. She says I've shown a lot on video, now its time to write about Mauritius and more specifically Pereybere.

I've just discovered Social Media and Instagramme. Our genius Media guy Ian Haggerty has produced a series of verbal fishy characters that are taking the ocean by storm.

The singing Moray has driven our Google ratings through the roof.

The cute Nemo- wannabe Mauritius Clown fish has invited couples to come and do a Discover Scuba Diving Course in an appealing cute little voice (who could resist), and the Blue Lipped Angel is huskily summoning to local community to join us for world Oceans Day cleanup and Beach Banana Leaf lunch.

Why Banana Leaf you ask? When I first came to Mauritius one of our diving instructors invited me to his brothers wedding. I asked how many people would be there, and he thought for a minute then said, Oh about 200 or 300. Catered wedding for an unknown number of people, I wondered? Crockery? Knives and forks? washing up? Incredible.

It turns out that plates and cutlery are irrelevant, because in Mauritius at any party for large numbers of people they serve the food on banana leaves. They can be used flat, or curled into a bowl, and afterwards, there is no rubbish. Just compost. Its brilliant, and a conservation pleasure. It was a fabulous wedding, hosted and catered by the family, and the food was all the more delicious for the knowledge that it was 'served on GREEN compostible material. Mauritians really take conservation seriously.

As a result when Ocean Spirit has a party we do the PC thing and we use banana leaves.

Come and join us, its a truly memorable feast, and a fun day for the family.

8 June 2019 Pereybere Public Beach, rock up any time and join us.

Debris Collectors and snorkellers arrive in the morning at leisure

Collecting bags snorkels and masks included in the fee, to be collected on the beach

Divers to arrive at 8.30 for the Coin de Mire 2 tank dive on 3 caves and Confetti Bay cleanup

Divers pay normal fee.

Bring own cool boxes, chairs and drinks.

Banana Leaf Buffet Lunch catered by local restaurants from 1 pm onwards

Cost for the day is Rs 400 Part of which will be divided between our three charities, and donations are also welcome.

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