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Jill Holloway

Jill Holloway is a businesswoman, conservationist, philanthropist and diving journalist who promotes diving in Mauritius through marketing, promotion and training divers. She is the editor of DEPTH MAGAZINE

Her videos and articles in international magazines and on the MTPA pages have assisted in the promotion of Mauritius as both a diving destination, and as the world’s largest Oceanographic state,

English version MTPA on diving

Previously Johannesburg -based she was CEO of numerous companies in Specialty Food, Aromatherapy Cosmetics and Toiletries, Seasonal Gifting for the Chain stores, Poultry Bedding from raw timber, registered owner of the Logshave machinery metric timber shaving machinery.

Owner of Crafters Lodge Sodwana Bay Resort accommodation.

Marketing Consultant on Rural Poverty relief Projects to the South African Government Department of Trade and Industry.


Great x 2 granddaughter of CJ Smythe Prime Minister of Natal

Great x 2 grand- daughter Alexander Lawrence founder of Natal Consolidated Dairies, now Clover Dairies

Great x 18 granddaughter of William of Orange father of Prince Maurice of Nassau, after whom Mauritius is named.

Honorary Zulu and member of the Mbila traditional Community since 2004


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