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Just add PADI Trainee Dive Masters

We decided to support the PADI drive to increase the number of PADI Professionals by recruiting dive master trainees, and what a revelation!

Our 2 PADI Dive Master trainees have infused Ocean Spirit Dive Centre with a drive to explore new reefs, share our resources and explain and re-examine our procedures.

Jovany is refreshing our planters, which had become disgusting ash trays, the guys are painting our dilapidated walls, the canvas tailor is refurbishing the boat canopy, the Mercury guys are talking about new engines, and the whole Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving operation has been rejuvenated.

At the end of a hectic diving season we are all exhausted- the word in the industrial world would be burnout, but that's pretty difficult when you are soaking wet most of the time!

But the 2 trainee dive master have created completely different demands.

They want to know what we know. They want to understand our beautiful world, and they want to know how to inspire their own clients with our passion.

Of course we have to actively market for new clients- they need someone to lead, and its the end of our season, so we are promoting DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING courses for couples. Its a fabulous way to enjoy a holiday together, Mauritius is ideal for a first experience in scuba diving, and its a great place for them to start their training. They take the lagoon training sessions with our new divers, and the Instructors take them on the dive.

So we have been inspired to perform better, to dig deep into our reservoir of ocean knowledge, and of course to make sure they find great Scuba diving jobs in their country of choice.

One of the benefits of DEPTH MAGAZINE has been the amazing connections we have been able to establish world wide in the top echelons of the Scuba Diving Industry, so Ocean Spirit has become a popular place for aspiring PADI professionals to train.

Discovering new reefs

Families learning together

Discover Scuba Diving trainee


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