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Ocean Spirit Awarded Most Educational Ocean Awareness and Conservation Centre by LUX Life

Lux Life the flagship international magazine of AI Media Group based in the USA and published in the UK has just announced the global winners in their Travel and Tourism sector, and Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving Mauritius is a humble and happy winner of the Educational Ocean Awareness and Conservation Centre.

When we started our vigorous promotions in the diving press magazines, it was the beginning of a long journey to establish a modus operandi that would allow us to provide our clients with a comfortable, luxurious diving experience while still following the PADI Project Aware Guidelines, in every aspect of our diver lives.

  • Ocean Spirit has invested in satisfying the requirements of the scuba diving fraternity who are in the top 1 percentile of the global population. Many are degreed, mostly conservationist, family oriented generally poverty averse and pro-active. Directors of companies, lawyers, doctors, academics IT wizards, teachers and professionals.

  • Ocean Spirit promotes Ocean Conservation with donations and assisting with fundraising for NGOs. Any Marine Biologist who is qualified and degreed or studying at a university is given free passage and air on our boat to the various reefs for study purposes. We keep a daily record of marine sightings which we share with Reef Conservation, who have free access to our data base. We assist with fund raising for Reef Conservation in Pereybere. We Support EPCO, the NGO tasked with recording Turtle populations in Mauritius, and we support The Tap Water Revolution and The Mauritius War on Plastics. We support the protection of reef fish and Marine animals.

  • In keeping with best business practice, we take care of our neighbours and local suppliers and clients first, then expand from there. We buy the best products from professionals, and we encourage local businesses to follow our ethic through our publicity.

  • We support Brand Mauritius vigorously and with positive publicity.

  • Our support of The Tap Water Revolution, a Mauritian Youth initiative inspired us to provide a Tap Water Cooler and Filter with refillable bottles for our diving clients. We use only re-usable bottles cups and containers.

  • We serve the best quality and where possible only Mauritian snacks, cooked by local cooks and chefs in their Tourism Authority approved kitchens, no imported or commercial excessively packaged goods.

  • Our YouTube channel is growing, and we are sharing insights into the behavior and habits of some of the rarest and under- researched reef creatures


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