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Diving and the Blue Economy

In the North where the diving is ideal for a 2 week, varied diving holiday, Scuba Diving clubs from Britain and Europe are booking 10 to 14 day diving holidays for their members, and from the day we opened in October 2021 we have enjoyed our beautiful reefs with over 1500 divers from around the world. Pereybere has perfect conditions for Open Water diver training, with 65 reefs of varying depths and marine life to choose from.

Tourism contributes 8% to the GDP and employs 26% of the work force. The success of the Island depends on the delicate balance of nature on the reefs and in the ocean. Its million visitors are assured that the Island is safe and secure. Mauritius reefs are re-growing, where world wide, coral reefs are dying. Whales calve here, dolphins breed here, and fish spawn on the inshore reefs.

The Mauritius government has flawlessly turned Mauritius from a textile based, sugar farming economy to a world class diving and adventure tourist destination, an investment hub and an IT centre.

Thankfully the Ministry of Blue Economy has embarked on a vigorous program to protect the coral reefs, re-establish corals where there has been damage, and promulgated legislation to protect sharks.

Mauritius is the Worlds largest Oceanographic state with 2.3m sq kilometres of the Indian Ocean. Fishing in Mauritius contributes only 1.2% of the GDP. Most of our fish are netted by fishing trawlers from the Britain and the EU under the Europeche agreement and are sold by the ton. The agreement was for the European fleets to process their catches in Mauritius. But many of them simply caught the fish and took them to their home bases for processing.

This agreement is about to expire, and Mauritius will soon be free to benefit from the production and manufacture of fish based products caught in its own trawlers and processed in its own factories. This will vastly increase the contribution of fishing to the GDP, without any increase in harvesting or further exploitation of Mauritius Marine resources.

— at Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving Mauritius

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