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DEPTH Magazine Free on Line September Publication- Please REGISTER NOW

The stories have been written, the advertising is pouring in, and the magazine looks magnificent.

Doug has put together a unique digital publication directed at those who love the ocean, love to dive, and want to preserve our marine heritage.

Its such a privilege working with a man like this. He has 18 publications, as he personally supervises all of them from his house in British Columbia, Canada.

He personally contacts all our advertisers, tirelessly plans their adverts, and will not publish until everything is perfect.

Ocean Spirit is lucky, we have made many videos for the magazine, we have generated a lot of exposure for Mauritius, and at last we are becoming recognized as a true diving destination.

As from September we are opening to the Tourist public.

I have been blown away by the actions of this government. Our wages have been paid since March 2020. We have been awarded a soft loan with ultra low interest rates, repayable over 5 years, and we are slowly regaining the life we lived before the dreaded Virus flattened the global tourism industry. We were lucky, we were well and intelligently managed.

The Mauritius system of government is truly democratic. One party leads the government by a small majority, so there is no room for complacency. The opposition is vigorous and vocal, and systems here work well because of the checks and balances that are visible at every level. Every issue is aired, and experts are called in where they are needed for advise.

I watch in shocked horror as my birthplace in South Africa is burning, while looting and vandalism proliferate and I am grateful for the World's Most Romantic Island to grow in with words and video, and to shine a light on the undersea word surrounding this remarkable Island.


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