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Nitrox - is it Anti Ageing?

I must admit when I look in the mirror, not a lot has changed since I started diving and using Nitrox 27 years ago.

Divers use Nitrox to go deeper for longer. But is that all it is good for? Divers use a 32

% oxygen mix in order to buy extra time at depths below 15 metres, and it makes a lot of difference to the duration of a dive. You come up feeling refreshed, and the nitrogen bubbles that are so enervating do not accumulate as much as they would on a normal compressed air dive. Cuts and wounds heal more rapidly.

Hyperbaric medicine, or breathing oxygen under pressure, is exciting a certain amount of interest but strangely, not as much as you would expect for something so readily available, so easy to use, and something so incredibly effective as a deterrent to the effects of ageing.

15 years ago I interviewed , Barry Coleman the head of RAID, on behalf of Divestyle magazine..

He was promoting the use of rebreathers, and on ascent was breathing increasing volumes of oxygen in his air mix. He seemed very young for a man in his position- I thought around 27 or 8 I was astounded when he told me he was 52. He said that the benefits of breathing oxygen under pressure are many, that the field was poorly researched, but it was worth buying a re-breather to get the benefits.

There has been a some research into other benefits. . According to the Mayo clinic breathing oxygen under pressure triggers the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells. And it promotes healing.

Cleveland clinic has done a certain amount of research into the benefits of breathing oxygen under pressure.

They list the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help treat the following among which are:

Unapproved, but effective in health spas are

As we age, our sight and hearing deteriorate the DNA strands begin to unravel. Breathing oxygen under pressure reknits the DNA strands which unravel as we age.




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