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PADI Trainee Divemasters and Coral Reefs

Today our Ocean Spirit PADI Divemaster Trainee guys are starting to study the basics of Coral Reef balance. When you dive, you want a leader who knows his world and understands the fragile balance of the Coral Reefs and the ocean we all love.

We are taking a look at that greatest of all encyclopedias, Smith's Fishes by Margaret Smith and Jan Heemstra to get an idea of the structure and feeding habits of different marine species. All the skeletal structures are painstakingly illustrated, so its clear how to identify each species from it finnage as well as its structure. I had the rare privilege of diving with Jan and his wife Elaine while they were researching marine species on the East African Coast. We are following up with Helmut Debelius and Rudi Kluiter's incredible illustrated Encyclopedia of Marine Fishes, hoping to see some of the species illustrated, and to observe what they eat, and how they interact.

Parrotfish cleans algae off corals, and stimulates coral growth

I'm diving on Stella Maru with V, then on Holt Rock with Wian. Wian immediately spotted a massive hatching of minute juveniles in an area where there was dense algae growth, and poor coral health. We assumed that the vast cloud of tiny fish was probably either one of the surgeon species, or perhaps rabbitfish or tangs or triggerfish. We saw adults of all three species on the reef.

Both divemaster trainees have a feel for the system now, and they are automatically filling tanks, helping load the boat and starting to brief the clients before leading dives.

Triggerfish easts dense algae that smothers the corals

The guys each dived one dive with me. They are accompanying me so that I don't get lost, and spotting for me, and it's a great way to make better videos. Take a look. Once you choose a career in scuba diving, it's important to find the right diving centre to train with. We are incredibly lucky in Mauritius, its the perfect place to begin a diving career.

We are seeing some amazing rare and endangered species. Why not join us?


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