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For the last month Ian Haggerty has been filming with Ocean Spirit in Mauritius. We are your basic journalistic, write the story, add the pictures and slot in a link to a video and we're happy.

No longer- Ian has turned our Social Media on its head, created a global fascination with the undersea world and turns out to be a major TikTok star! They call him an Influencer, and he's hoping to join the Ocean Spirit team.

One of his scuba diving videos is trending at over 6 000 000 views, and our Youtube Channel is swamped with increased interest. But he is more than a TikToc guy. He's genuinely fascinated with the interactions between marine species, and their hunting activities together. Hunting kingfish with Moray eels, cracking an egg at 12 metres, following a huge peacock flounder, keeping up with sharks and rays- its exhilarating diving with this guy. Mostly he barrels off after some creature the rest of us never even saw, and his videos are really exciting.

and the one that got 6 000 000 views on TikToc

Every dive becomes a treasure hunt, and each video is eagerly anticipated by a growing audience fascinated by the wonders they can finally share in real life, not staged, not rehashed, and fresh from the Gopro of a master influencer and videographer.

Ian is your basic farmer at heart, with a deep passion for small creatures and says he is happiest on the back of a horse or under the ocean.

Well the ocean is certainly sitting up and taking notice of him.

Thanks to The Ridge for this pic.


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