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Mauritius and Ocean Conservation

On Thursday 30 May 2024, Ocean Spirit was nominated for a Conservation Award by the Mauritius Tourism Authority. The glittering banquet at the Hilton Hotel was honoured by Keynote Speaker Minister of Tourism Mr Steven Obeegadoo, MP and Deputy Prime Minister.

It’s a major step forward in Ocean Conservation that The Minister of Tourism of Mauritius, the Worlds Largest Oceanographic State, is focusing attention on Ocean Conservation and acknowledges the vital role that Scuba Diving, and more specifically, PADI can play in Ocean Conservation.

The winner of the Ocean Conservation award was the brilliant SPES Group, an NGO dedicated to harnessing solar energy in marine activities. Accepting the award is M Marcel Lindsay Noe below. They have built an E-boat, the Folkloric Explorer.

OCEAN SPIRIT has been showing divers the amazing undersea world that forms the Oceanographic State of Mauritius since 2002.  In 2016 Ocean Spirit registered with PADI and began donating to Project Aware. We adopted Turtle Rock and Pereybere as our focus of Conservation interest. We have 7 years of videos of our sites.

Regular beach clean ups, land-based cleanups and of course lagoon cleanups and diving for debris were all part of our ethic. By 2018, Ocean Spirit was awarded a GREEN STAR by PADI.

Our ethic spread through Pereybere as first Menon Moorghen, our head of diving broke his contract and moved next door to manage PADI Dive Centre Base diving, and our ethic followed him. Debora, who was our manager in 2020 left and moved next door to work for Octopus Diving- taking our ethic with her. Bryan and Riki who established our ISO systems, spread global awareness of Mauritius during COVID as they travelled the little known areas, sustaining small producers with 

In 2023 we won the Lux life Travel and Tourism Award 2023 as most Educational Ocean Awareness and Conservation Centre from AI Global Media Ltd.

In 2024  we joined the Green Fins Conservation initiative, and became a PADI ECO Centre.

Ocean Spirit supports REEF CONSERVATION with articles by Jill Holloway in international magazines, in order to provide sustained financing for their conservation projects, supports EPCO, The Tap Water Revolution and The War on Plastics.

Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving

Ocean Spirit Mauriitus


Ocean Spirit Scuba Diving 

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