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Mauritius reopening

Our diving Island is re-opening to tourists from 1 October. If you have a COVID vaccination card and a negative PCR Test, we'd love to welcome you without quarantine, without risk and with open arms.

How did this Island manage when so many others still don't have COVID under control? With limited hospital resources, and a high risk population?

The government set up a COVID Committee of Specialists from every sector, reporting to the Prime Minister.

They ringfenced the island and picked up the tab for all industries that had been affected by the shut down. They waited until there was a reliable, tested vaccine, and ordered enough of it to protect their tourism sector, elderly and front liners. Then they quietly appealed to the intelligence of the vaccination resistant Mauritian public. I don't know how they did it, but it worked, and they began vaccinating the entire population.

Meanwhile they began to allow Investors to enter, and to repatriate local tourists through their Diplomatic Missions, the EDB and a special Government portal. They re -purposed many resorts into quarantine centres for these un- vaccinated new arrivals, maintaining their turnover even without regular tourists.

They kept the population informed with daily bulletins, and used social media for off shore communication with stranded Mauritians in countries without Mauritian diplomatic missions.

I noticed some prominent names appearing regularly on social media.

Pravind Jugnauth, the Prime Minister and his cabinet were always visible, always reassuring

Ken Arian, Senior Advisor, Head of the Mauritius Airport, always visible, always pro-active

Khemraj Servansingh the now retired Commissioner of Police, where the Police quietly ensure the safety of the population, serving and protecting and keeping the peace.

Catherine Le'Clesio, whose many posts on MAURITIUS IN QUARANTINE helped thousands with daily information.

Financial assistance was made available through the Government Financial Services and low interest rate loans were made available to businesses.

This is a remarkable Island, and its a privilege to be part of it.


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