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Ocean Spirit and Open Water Shark Diving

The Marine Resources Protection Act has been enforced. Mauritians are law -abiding people, so the fishermen have allowed the protected species to grow out at last, and we are seeing shoals of juvenile parrot fish, rabbit fish, butterfly fish, surgeons and unicorns- all the grazers and browsers so essential to healthy coral growth. Massive shoals are appearing and they represent a food source, and what a difference that has made. Our reefs are filling with beautiful reef fish, and our outer Islands are now filling with small reef sharks. Thanks to the foresight of the Ministry of Blue Economy who have really put a lot of effort and investment into this amazing endeavor. But even greater thanks to the fishermen and the Coast Guard who made it happen.

Sharks are protected. Finning has always been illegal, and now of course, the reef sharks are appearing regularly for their daily circuits under the Northern Islands. And with them, come the divers anxious to see these amazing creatures. We've had a huge boost in the number of divers wanting to dive with sharks in Mauritius.

But of course, diving in a washing machine where surge and strong currents protect these amazing animals is not for the Open Water diver, or the diver who has done a few dives years ago. Managing surge is a skill that cannot be taught. It must be acquired through experience. Handling current is not about grabbing corals with a reef hook, you might damage it. Its about learning how to go with the flow, safely and productively, not to interfere with sharks in their natural habitat, and above all not to endanger yourself and the other divers by disregarding instructions from our very experienced team.

Its a 45 minute boat ride, its an adventure dive and the dive site is beneath an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean at the apex of the Mascarene Plateau, so we can never predict the current. Seasick divers should think twice before doing these dives. Its also one of the most expensive dives because of the fuel price, and the attrition on the boat, the number of staff needed to assist divers, so we are pretty careful to take only divers who are competent.

But if you are qualified to do it, it will undoubtedly be one of the best dives of your life.

Take a look at our Youtube channel, and punch SHARK into the search to see what we see.


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